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Who We Are

Family development center Roseburg
"How you spend your hours equals who you are today" - Stephen J. Bavolock, Ph.D.
Our Mission:

Family Development Center prevents the cycle of abuse and neglect through early prevention and intervention services, focused on nurturing successful and resilient children, strengthening parents and preserving families.


Our Vision:

"Safe Children... Strong Families... Thriving Communities."

We envision a world where children can live safely within their own homes. Where families are healthy- physically and mentally, utilizing the skills and tools needed to create healthy and resilient children and stable families. Resulting in... Safe children, Strong families and Thriving communities. 


Our Values:

Relationships - Invested, engaged, partners, community, trust and commitment.

Compassion - Welcoming, honesty, giving and intention.

Integrity - Committed to excellence, research driven, best practices, accreditation and evaluation.

Respect - Meeting people where they are at, non-judgmental, accountability, and inclusive.

Family Development Center is supported by our local community.

We are a strong partner of the Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries and actively collaborate with other community partners.

We are a model of effective and efficient operations with a diverse and active Board of Directors.

We hold high professional standards including quality accreditation's. 

We are passionate about making real and long-term differences in the lives of the children and families we serve. Thus, creating a more thriving community for years to come.




Family Development Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



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